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As a small general practice law firm, we handle a wide range of legal matters and our core values reflect our commitment to providing quality legal services while maintaining strong ethical standards.


We have a Client-Centered Approach:


Putting the client's needs and interests at the forefront of every decision and action. We strive to provide personalized, attentive legal assistance.


In our small law firm, a client-centered approach is at the core of everything we do. It means that our clients are not just cases but individuals with unique needs and concerns. We prioritize understanding their specific legal issues, listening to their goals, and tailoring our services to meet those needs. This approach ensures that our clients feel valued, heard, and supported throughout their legal journey. Putting our clients at the center of our practice is not just a value; it's the key to our success and the success and satisfaction of those we serve. We are proud to have established a foundation of trust, satisfaction, and long-term success with our clients, with some of our longstanding relationships spanning two and three generations.

We Value Honesty, Integrity and Respect:  


At Derpak White Spencer, honesty, integrity, and respect form the bedrock of our practice.


HONESTY ensures that we provide accurate advice and transparent communication, which is essential for informed decision-making.

Our INTEGRITY is our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards, from safeguarding client confidentiality to avoiding conflicts of interest.


RESPECT means treating our clients, colleagues, and everyone we interact with, with courtesy and consideration.


These values are the cornerstone of our firm's character, and they guide every action we take in serving our clients and maintaining our professional integrity.

We Strive for Excellence in Legal Service:


We understand that our clients come to us seeking the best possible representation and guidance during their legal challenges.


To meet this expectation, we constantly strive for excellence in everything we do. This means staying up-to-date with the latest laws, conducting thorough research, and being prepared for each case. We also ensure our client interactions are not just professional but compassionate and understanding.


Excellence in legal service is what sets us apart, builds trust, and helps us secure positive outcomes for our clients. It's a commitment to delivering the best we can offer, and that's what our clients deserve.

We Value Communication and Transparency:


We recognize that legal matters can be complex and stressful, and that our clients rely on us for guidance and support. Clear and consistent communication is essential to keep our clients informed about the progress of their cases, potential challenges, and the options available to them.


Transparency goes hand in hand with communication. It means being open and honest about the legal process, costs, and potential outcomes. This transparency builds trust and helps our clients make informed decisions. It also reduces the risk of misunderstandings or dissatisfaction.


Ultimately, communication and transparency are not just values; they are fundamental to ensuring our clients feel heard, valued, and empowered throughout their legal journey. It's how we foster strong client relationships and provide the high-quality service they deserve.

We Engage in the Community


At Derpak White Spencer, we hold a strong commitment to having a positive impact in our local communities. Our responsibility extends beyond providing legal services; it encompasses actively contributing to the well-being of the neighborhoods and cities we serve.


By engaging in community initiatives we make a tangible and lasting difference. This commitment aligns with our core values of social responsibility, ethical practice, and client-focused service. A thriving community is the foundation of our success and, by giving back, we not only strengthen our relationships but also ensure that our clients have the opportunity to flourish in a healthier and more supportive environment. We take pride in our role as community partners and remain dedicated to making a positive impact, one case and one initiative at a time.


Derpak White Spencer has been actively involved in making our community better for over 50 years and looks forward to continuing to met this challenge.

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